Rage Meals to order in Plettenberg Bay!

Delicious, nutritious home-made meals by Peppermill Cafe.

Delivered to your door on day of arrival. Meals are delivered frozen, except for first night.

Make sure your kids have one decent meal a day!

This is a package deal: 7 meals for 7 nights served in 1kg containers (feeds 4). Cost is around R70 per head per night – not bad for a delicious, nutritious home-made meal?

Order one or two packages, depending how many kids are in the house.

Orders will be taken until mid November 2019.


  1. Beef Lasagne
  2. Stuffed Chicken Breast with Ratatouille
  3. Chicken Curry and Rice
  4. Cottage Pie
  5. Beef Stew
  6. Macaroni Cheese and Bacon
  7. Babotie and Rice


  • Cost per pack of 7 meals for 4 people: R2036.00
  • Cost per pack of 7 meals for 6 people: R3004.00
  • Cost per pack of 7 meals for 8 people: R3972.00
  • Cost per pack of 7 meals for 10 people: R4940.00
  • Cost per pack of 7 meals for 12 people: R5908.00

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We also offer pre-arrival shopping for basics: milk, bread, tomato sauce, etc as well as any required beverages! Shopping will be delivered with your meals. For more info, click the email button at the bottom of the page.

Your order will be delivered within the hour of your arrival
Order 7 meals for the number of people in your house
This will help our marketing process in the future!

Good luck for the rest of the year, we hope your kids have a blast!

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